Where is DaDoor in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3? Henchmen location revealed

Way back in the early days of Fortnite Chapter 2, GHOST and SHADOW fought for the island’s future. Despite being at odds, two accomplices, one of the organizations, somehow became friends. The two organizations hated each other, but these two unique henchmen developed an intense bromance. After the events of Chapter 2 Season 3, they remained on the island and were not hostile to players.

Since then, seven full seasons have passed and not only are GHOST and SHADOW no longer on the island, but one of their successors, the Imagined Order, has also disappeared. However, those two henchmen somehow stayed on the island.

Despite the island being turned over and largely destroyed, especially the area these friends currently live in, the two henchmen somehow managed to survive. Here you will find them and how to open the door.

DaDoor in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Location and Access Guide

The location of “DaDoor”, as it is called, is in Reality Falls. This brand new Fortnite POI is the result of liberating the zero point. It is bright, colorful and also home to the Reality Tree, a landmark that is very close to DaDoor.

Reality Tree has a bit of a secret of its own, with a secret tunnel leading to a floor on the tree with tons of loot and a climber ensuring a safe journey back to the ground.

However, the biggest secret on the map is the cave behind the waterfall, which is located directly behind the Reality Tree. This is where it says roughly on the map:

Approximate location of DaDoor (Image via Fortnite.GG)
Approximate location of DaDoor (Image via Fortnite.GG)

Entering the waterfall takes Fortnite gamers into a large cavern. This cave is an amazing place in itself. It has several chests and many stones to harvest for materials.

However, one item in this cave is made of brick, but cannot be broken by grapples; there is a pile of bricks – this is the DaDoor – for a doorway with five trillion health. Why would it need so much? Well, maybe because there are two fugitive henchmen and an alien hiding behind it.

Realistically, Fortnite players cannot break this item. There isn’t enough time to break it up with picks or guns. That said, thankfully a bull barred vehicle makes quick work of this pile of rocks.

You can break “DaDoor” with cowcatcher and see the ghost/shadow henchmen and the trespasser! (Thank you @OSlycer for the clip) 5 trillion HP BTW 💀https://t.co/NACFoytlcX

Getting a car into the cave, however, is a challenge. Players will find a few cars in a spot near the tree, and they should remember that the smaller the vehicle the better, as it isn’t a huge entrance.

Follow the steps here to enter the waterfall correctly by car:

  • Drivers must take their modified car around the left side of the tree without ever entering the water. If they get into the water, the car could sink at the base of the waterfall.
  • There is a small opening next to the waterfall where they can enter the cave in the car.
  • They can then drive forward and break the stone pile on the left, which opens a new path; They can then dump the car now because it is no longer needed.

Then they can visit the henchmen and their new friend. There are also items and a chest inside.

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