Why is Rs.230 crore not visible in Samrat Prithviraj?

The failure of Yash Raj Films and Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s prestigious expensive chic and ultimately pointless Samrat Prithviraj has left producer Aditya Chopra smoking and seething with rage.

The first question that is asked is, where is all the money from the estimated budget of Rs. 230 crores going? Not much to see on the screen. The special effects are downright tacky, and the film’s supposedly epic vision seems to have been lost in translation.

This is Aditya Chopra’s second thunderous flop in a row, after Jayeshbhai Jordaar (JJ), starring Yash Raj’s blue-eyed boy Ranveer Singh. And Chopra is not amused. In the case of both Samrat Prithviraj and JJ, the failure was of epic proportions. JJ’s shows had to be canceled due to zero attendance. And now with Samrat Prithviraj, history has repeated itself, albeit not in a good way.

There is an atmosphere of horror and anger in Yash Raj. The responsibility for the failure of Samrat Prithviraj is placed on the shoulder of his leading man Akshay Kumar.

“He wouldn’t listen,” a well-known source said. “The film required a dedicated concentration. He didn’t even want to grow a real mustache, because he was working on another project at the same time. If he was playing someone so historically important, why wouldn’t he just have done this one project and put his best effort into it?”

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