“Will Think Twice Before I Speak My Heart”

'Will think twice before speaking my heart': Actor Sai Pallavi Amid Row

Sai Pallavi said that violence in the name of any religion is a great sin.

New Delhi:

Actor Sai Pallavi issued a clarification today after her comments in an interview about the 1990s exodus of Kashmiri Pandits sparked controversy on social media. During an interview on the Great Andhra YouTube channel, the actor had condemned violence in the name of religion and said that while the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was wrong, so too is the vigilance of cows.

Sai Pallavi’s comments provoked mixed reactions on social media. While some Twitter users applauded her bravery, others trolled her. Several people also said she belittled the tragedy in Kashmir.

In an Instagram video, the actor said today that her intention was to convey that violence in the name of religion is a sin and that fragments of the interview have been taken out of context. Sai Pallavi said she will think twice before speaking out.

“I’ll think twice before speaking out because I’m afraid my words will be misinterpreted,” she said.

Sai Pallavi said the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ and the cow lynching incident had a huge impact on her and left her traumatized for days.

“I was disturbed after looking at the Kashmir files. I would never belittle a tragedy like the genocide and the generations of people still affected by it during Covid times. I remember seeing that video and watching it for days on end. shook each other,” she said.

“I believe that violence in any form is wrong and that violence in the name of any religion is a great sin,” she added.

During the interview, the actor was also asked about her political affiliation. She had said that she grew up in a neutral family and that she had learned to be a good person.

Going by her comments, she said, “I hope the day won’t come when a child is born and he/she is afraid of his/her identity.”

Sai Pallavi’s Telugu movie “Virata Parvam” hit theaters this week. The film, which also stars Rana Daggubati, is inspired by true events from the 1990s. It tells a love story against the backdrop of the Naxalite movement in the Telangana region.

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