Wind Turbine In US Catches Fire After Lightning Strike, Creates Spiral-Shaped Smoke Pattern

The fire hit only one of the energy turbines in the complex.

A wind turbine caught fire after being struck by lightning in North Texas, United States. According to Fox newsThe incident took place on Friday. Crews from the Crowell Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the scene but were unable to put out the fire, fire chief Perry Shaw told the outlet.

A video of an eyewitness who captured the hypnotic scene has been shared on several social media platforms. The clip showed the wind turbine generator ablaze and disintegrating in the sky over Crowell, Texas. The massive structure saw billowing gray rings of smoke as it continued to spin as it burned.

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“Lightning struck the tip of a wind turbine blade while I was plowing a few fields, and about 5 minutes later it caught fire and then completely disintegrated,” the eyewitness said, according to Viral Hog.

Speak with Fox newsShaw estimated there was 800 gallons of oil in the gearbox and about 1,300 gallons of mineral oil in the transformer on the ground floor, making the smoke appear dark black in the sky. He said the firefighters were “not equipped” to deal with this type of fire. “No one in the area is really to talk about,” he added.

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In addition, the facility’s operator, Innergex Renewable Energy, said all personnel in the complex are safe. It also said the fire hit only one of its power turbines.

Meanwhile, a video last month also captured the terrifying moment when a bolt of lightning damaged a boat off the coast of Florida. Seven passengers were rescued after lightning damaged a personal seagoing vessel 100 miles off the coast of Clearwater. The Florida Coast Guard shared the video of the incident showing the moment the lightning struck the boat.

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