Windows 11 to now change the “Shut Down box” design and fans are unhappy

Windows 11 in one of the upcoming updates is set to redesign the Shut Down dialog box. This is how fans react.

Windows 11 introduced a new design direction for the Windows operating system, trying to show off a more modern look. We’ve been using Windows 11 for a while now and it seems to be largely designed with smartphone users in mind. The Start menu and Settings apps are two of the biggest visual improvements, but Microsoft has quietly updated the rest of the older Windows elements to create a more consistent user experience. The latest update focuses on the classic Shut Down dialog box.

Based on a latest report from Windows Latest, Microsoft is said to have added a redesigned dialog box for the Shut Down menu. Yes, it is that window that appears when you press the keyboard combination “Alt + F4”. The changes are not big and many of you may not even notice. The Windows 11 Build 25174 has been given this new design and many fans are now annoyed by this change.

Windows 11 gets a new Shut Down menu

The new Shut Down menu design simply removes the Windows icon and keeps everything the same. The report says a future update will likely follow Windows 11’s new design theme, meaning we may see it soon. The design currently resembles macOS’ Shut Down menu.

Shortly after this news came out, several fans took to the blogs to express their dismay. “Stop the clunky design changes and complete the move away from the control panel. Restore features that the users want. Throw away any thought of Windows 12 and focus on finishing Windows 11. Six years later and you’re still fiddling with Windows 10, make a decision, make a plan Microsoft!,” said one user.

Another user said, “What’s happening with Windows 11 is beyond explanation.

Tons and tons of man-hours are wasted on “features” that no one asked for, while things that users really need (proven by the fact that these are the most requested features), like moving the damn taskbar and not combining, isn’t being done. worked on.”

“Is Microsoft making so little progress that a simple logo and icon removed from a dialog is considered newsworthy? This isn’t a redesign either, it’s just a modified version of the current design. If it were even considered a redesign, Microsoft would have completely changed the design of the dialog, as they did with the ‘Open With’ dialog,” said another user.

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