Woman Stabbed For Rejecting Proposal, Court Calls For Live TV Execution

An Egyptian court has called for the execution of a man, live on television, for murdering a fellow student outside Mansoura University in northern Egypt last month after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Mohamed Adel, 21, was convicted last month of murdering fellow student Nayera Ashraf outside the university in northern Egypt, according to the Independent.

He was sentenced to death on July 6 at the Mansoura courthouse, where officials reportedly wrote to parliament to request that his execution be broadcast live to prevent similar crimes in the future.

During the hearing, the court found that Adel had sent death threats to Ashraf’s phone and stalked her, according to the student’s family and friends.

The verdict, which was to go to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, a religious figure who decides certain court cases, is expected to be appealed. It was made public on July 24.

The murder was captured on video and went viral, sending shockwaves across the Middle East. The horror was compounded a few days later by a similar murder at a university in Jordan.

The number of recorded cases of violence against women is on the rise in Egypt and authorities have been criticized for not taking the issue seriously.

Meanwhile, according to the Independent, Egypt has handed out an increasing number of death sentences in recent years. The last time the country had a public execution was in 1998 when state television broadcast the hanging of three men who murdered a woman and her two children at their home in Cairo.

In Adel’s case, however, officials at Mansoura’s courthouse have argued that the punishment would act as a deterrent to prevent the further saturation of feminicides in the country and the wider Arab world.OMA

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