World’s First PS5 Slim Console Is Real Thanks To A YouTuber

The PlayStation 5 is the biggest console Sony has made to date, but an intrepid fan has managed to downsize the device significantly to a much slimmer size. DIY YouTuber Matt Perks took on the challenge of downsizing the PS5, eventually creating a console that stands just under an inch high and uses an ingenious design to achieve this slimmer form factor.

In a process that took months, Perkins took a regular PS5 and disassembled it, placing the motherboard and other core components in a copper sheath. It was the PS5 heatsink that took up a significant amount of space in the original console, which Perkins completely jettisoned and replaced with an external water-cooling solution. The pitfall here is that the water cooling system itself is quite large and housed externally in a separate copper shell attached to the wall, but it gets the job done.

Perkins also used the copper plates to better regulate the heat of the PS5’s internal hardware, and in his testing afterward found that his setup did much better at keeping the SSD, RAM, and other components from overheating. There were a few setbacks along the way, but once Perkins had triumphed – thanks in part to a PS5 being stripped from his sponsor to get the project back on track – he had managed to make a sleeker and more elegant PS5 smart. to console.

You can see the whole fascinating process from start to finish in the video above, and for more custom projects from Perkins, check out how he crafted a high-end PS5 out of copper.

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