YouTube tests ‘pinch to zoom’ feature with Premium users

YouTube is testing the pinch to zoom feature with Premium users

06 Aug 2022, 5:35 PM
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YouTube is testing the pinch to zoom feature with Premium users
The ‘pinch to zoom’ feature works in both portrait and landscape mode (Photo credit: YouTube)

YouTube often lets its Premium subscribers test brand new features that aren’t ready for a wider release. The streaming platform’s new experimental feature is the “pinch to zoom” gesture for videos.

Interestingly, it works in both portrait and landscape modes. The feature will be tested until September 1.

It is only available in the YouTube Android app.

Why does this story matter?

  • YouTube is constantly pushing new features to improve the user experience. There are already ways to zoom in on a YouTube video using various accessibility tools.
  • However, if you have it as an option in the app itself, it will definitely come in handy for users.
  • The ability to zoom in on a video from portrait mode is too good to pass on.

How to use this facility?

The pinch to zoom feature is accessible to YouTube Premium users by going to the “Try out new features” section in “Your Premium Benefits”.

Allows you to zoom in on the video with two fingers. There may be a delay between signing in to test it and being able to use it.

You should be able to zoom in up to 8X.

Zooming is even possible in portrait mode

The new “pinch to zoom” feature is different from the old one, allowing users to fill their screen only in landscape mode.

The new option allows you to zoom in on a video in portrait mode, even without making the clip full screen.

After you zoom in, you can move around and get a closer look at parts of the video.

The feature can be tested until September 1st

YouTube Premium users can use the “pinch to zoom” feature on an experimental basis until September 1. This gives the company enough time to collect user feedback.

After that, the feature will be officially launched or the company may reveal a new launch date.

It is still unclear whether unpaid users will get the facility or not.

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