YouTuber Breaks Guinness World Record By Doing 25 Pull-Ups While Hanging From A Helicopter

YouTuber breaks Guinness World Record by doing 25 pull-ups while hanging from a helicopter

It took the two athletes 15 days to find a helicopter to practice for the world record.

A Dutch fitness enthusiast broke the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups completed in a minute while dangling from a helicopter, according to a release by GWR. Stan Browney, who runs a YouTube channel with fellow athlete Arjen Albers, broke the record at Hoevenen Airport in Antwerp, Belgium, on July 6, 2022. Both athletes had been preparing for weeks before attempting to break the crazy record.

Mr Browney is an expert in callisthenics, a class of gymnastics exercises intended to improve one’s physical fitness and elegance of movement. On the big day, he performed exceptionally well and set the world record with an astonishing 25 pull-ups, GWR said.

Guinness World Records shared a video of this record-breaking feat on its YouTube handle, writing: “The guys at @Browney are competing to see who can do the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute. Who will beat the world? run off file?”

The duo also documented their preparation and effort to take their viewers through the “craziest world record ever.”

On the big day, the number to beat was 23 pull-ups, previously achieved by Roman Sahradyan from Armenia.

Mr Albers went first, achieving 24 pull-ups and surpassing the previous record by one pull-up, saying: GWR. Mr Browney, who came in second, emerged as the winner of the competition with a whopping 25 pull-ups.

According to GWR“It took the two athletes 15 days to find a helicopter to practice for the world record.

In the longest minute of their lives, Stan and Arjen each tested the limits of their abilities and the effectiveness of their hard training. GWR.

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