Zidane: 23 June 2022 – Managing Madrid

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Pre-season scheduled released.

Happy Birthday Zidane.

The legendary Real Madrid coach and player turns 50 today!

Because of his birthday, the French magazine L’Equipe has apparently published a long interview with Zidane.

Florentino Pérez told me when I signed: ‘In my team the numbers go from 1 to 11. There are no 35 or 40 on the shirts!’ And he continues, “The only one that’s free is 5.” I answer him: ‘No problem, I’ll take it right away.’ These 5 have brought me a lot.

When Cristiano scored in Rome, the players all came to me and jumped into my arms. It’s heartwarming. You can see in the picture that I looked like a child. I have experienced these moments as a player, but as a coach it is another level.

It didn’t surprise me that we won UCL so soon after I was named coach. Because when I do something, I do it to win. I am a winner. I live to win.

The final against Juve, I was not happy at half time. I wish we’d spend more on the sides. We had all that at home. We did very well in the second half with Modric, Carvajal and the other side with Marcelo. We scored 3 goals in the second half.

Against Juve in the 2nd half of the final we took over the first 10 minutes. We smothered them. We pressed high. I love seeing my team like this. Go grab the ball very high, grab the opponent by the throat.

Winning the UCL is never luck. It’s hard work. Especially 3 times in a row. I worked like crazy. Even at home, my brain stayed with the stadium, thinking about training the next day.

It’s fantastic to win UCL, but the hardest and best thing after a whole season is to win La Liga. You should always stay in it.

Benzema’s season? I’m not surprised. I knew he was capable of it. I’m not the only one who says: give him the Ballon d’Or, that’s the whole world. It’s more than deserved.

I want to continue as a coach. After that, why not be a leader of a project, like a president of a club or manager of a company.

Jovic to Fiorentina

The deal took more time as Fioretina focused on extending the contract with their manager, who shares the same agent as Jovic.

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